Xbox Live down: Outage hits thousands of Xbox One users as server goes offline

Xbox Live is down for thousands of Xbox One console owners, according to reports.

Some users are also unable to sign in to their accounts as many take to social media to vent their frustrations.

The server was reported down for users around the world – including in the UK, Australia and south Florida.

Problems began at around 8pm and it is unclear how long the it will remain offline.

“We’ve seen reports that users are having trouble signing in,” a message from Microsoft says.

“We have teams working on it now! We’ll update you with additional details as soon as we can.”

One user said: “Attempting to login to my profile on Xbox One and it won’t let me.”

Another wrote: “My Xbox live has been down for like 1 hour aswell.”

A Twitter user said: “I tuned on my Xbox I was logged out and the WiFi was off as well on it.

“Tried signing into my WiFi and profile and didn’t work.

“The core services are down for many people.”

Another added: “I am so sick of either Live being down or not being able to access my digital games.”

Some say it is back up again – while others are still waiting to be connected.

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